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What’s the difference between LawLibe™ and your other apps?

  • LawLibe™ offers the same up-to-date content as all of our apps, but it provides that content in a single app. This reduces clutter on your screen, and makes it easy to switch back and forth between multiple sources.

What’s the difference between LawLibe™ and other legal reference apps?

  • It’s fast – because you download the entire source to your device, it is available instantly. You don’t have to wait for the app to query a remote server. There are no spinning “please wait” wheels.  You can page through the content faster than you can flip pages in a book.
  • It’s economical – the app is free, and each one of the sources in our content library is 99¢ – and the money goes to a good cause. We donate a significant portion of our revenue to support free access to the law.
  • It’s not dependent on an internet connection – once you download content from us, it’s stored locally on your device. You can use any content you’ve downloaded anywhere, without an internet connection. If you lose service while you’re in court or in the classroom, it won’t affect your ability to use your library.
  • There’s no login or password to remember – the app doesn’t require a subscription, a login, or a password.  Just open and go.

What does “LawLibe” mean, anyway?

Where can I buy these apps?

  • iPhone®, iPad®, iPad® Mini, and iPod Touch® apps are available in the iTunes App Store now!

What content is upcoming?

  • More State Codes and Local Rules

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